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Kathy Dunn

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Call: (931) 265-4575
Visit: 1519 E Spring ST. Suite A, Cookeville, TN

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Help us welcome this agent to the Highlands Elite family! We are so excited to have this new addition to our ever-growing team. Please be on the lookout for personalized bio from this agent, or you can get in touch with them to learn more using the contact info found on their personalized website!

We have dealt with multiple realtors throughout the years, Kathy Dunn at Highlands Elite in Cookeville, TN is in a league of her own. She takes the time to understand what your goals and dreams are to ensure she is helping you achieve it. She demonstrated her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in every interaction. Kathy was always willing to provide expert suggestions and advice on how we should proceed. She never imposed those ideas and was willing to do exactly what we wanted. She was always upfront and didn’t sugar coat anything. She spoke plainly, laid out all the facts, and provided a course of action. Kathy had unbelievably fast response times and provided periodic updates throughout the process. She knew more than the seller’s realtor and even had to assist them in order to close on the property. After this process, we have no doubt why she is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider. If you want someone that actually knows what they’re doing, that isn’t going to blow smoke, that will tell you how it is, and will execute your dream with the precision of a neurosurgeon, you want Kathy Dunn at Highlands Elite.


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